A wide range of co-curricular activities supplements the academic goals of the college. Classes for activates such as a dance craft are conduced in every week. As a part of curricular the classes for games such as cricket, Hockey, Kabaddi & kho-kho  are conducted during the weekends . Recently Holley ball and karam games wave also been introduced.
Teacher’s day, Children’s day, anniversaries, of various renowned person, annual day, National festival like Independence Day and Republic day were celebrated every year in a ground manner. Calculi department make arrangements of all these programmers. During some activities or on some accessions stage programmers such as group dance, solo danced, drama, one act play’s were arranged
For all-round development of our students we make arrangement of guest lechers including yoga lectures, lechers for mental development, and lechers on personality development. In first year syllabus social services programmed is include. Within to days our student cleans not only roads but also minds of people. In second year students year take enjoy of field trips and educational tours.
To from good and wealthy relations with socially we keep our self always in contact with society , recourse persons of other colleges with society resource persons of other colleges .Even we from Teacher parents committee to solve students problem, parents also get information about their children’s.   
Every year we publish our journal in which students present themselves in different way student’s writs their own poems, Jokes, snares articles, carious pictures etc. our college also encourage them to participate different competitions also. we feel proud of those students who have got success in various activities such as sports educational competition and so on.
The main aim of D.T.Ed programmed is to develop skill efficient and computer teacher. For that we concentrate on direct experience i.e. actual teaching

  For every educational programmers educationist prescribe or suggests curriculum contains theory and practical’s also practical are useful to understand the theoretical parts become practical’s are always based on theory But what about society from which student comes into school or college These theories and practical’s never helps students to understand social and its mature &transaction For that co-corticated activities helps students to achieve all above.




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